Becoming a PLL Partner

1Identify need
for PLL

Identify need for PLL
services and the target population to be served.



Assist in securing PLL
program funding.



Contract for
Service Delivery



Customize Implementation
Plan and assemble local
stakeholder taskforce.



Provide 5 day Onsite
training & Begin
Serving families.



Provide Ongoing Consultation
and Model Adherence



Provide “real-time”
and annual program


Our goal

As a partner, we walk every provider through
the various steps needed to bring PLL to the families
you serve, and to provide all stakeholders
with the desired outcomes.

As a PLL Partner you receive:


Every PLL partner transitions through 3 comprehensive phases of implementation that ensures the most effective and efficient PLL programming.

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Phase I – Pre-Implementation: Establishing a good fit between PLL and each partner is the primary goal of the Pre-Implementation phase.

Phase II – Initial Implementation: PLL and the provider assemble an implementation team that utilizes a custom designed “Implementation Checklist” to address key issues and concerns.

Phase III – Ongoing Implementation: A support system is developed to enable the provider and community to completely integrate PLL into their culture.

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The 5 day on-site training is the start of PLL for the families and this training covers the core constructs, assessment, and intervention techniques of PLL that combine 6 parent/adolescent education groups with individual family therapy (coaching) sessions.

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Five-Day On-Site PLL Model Training
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Groups 1-2
Groups 3-5 Group 6

Family Therapy
Family Therapy Family Therapy & Family Systems Trauma Work
Live Group Session Live Family Therapy (Coaching) Session

The first 2 1/2 days covers training for PLL Group sessions with two live (with real families) on-site demonstrations – a Motivational Intake session and the first Group session. The last 2 1/2 days covers training for PLL Family Therapy/Coaching with a live on-site demonstration of a Family Therapy Coaching session.


For Clinicians: PLL uses step-by-step manuals to walk the therapist through every step of each Group Therapy and Family Coaching session. These manuals outline each session, session objectives, preparations, and are a step-by-step scripted playbook for every meeting.

For Parents/Youth: Parents/Caregivers who attend PLL receive their own workbook and a copy of Parenting Your Out of Control Teenager (St. Martin’s Press, 2001) plus the accompanying study guide. Teens also receive their own workbook.

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All materials are written on a 6-8th grade reading level for ease of understanding and comprehension. The materials are used by the parents/youth to master key concepts and include homework assignments, step-by-step instructions to write and implement ironclad behavioral contracts, and creative consequences to stop extreme behaviors.

All Materials are also available in Spanish language

Parents Workbook
Teen Workbook
Survival Kit


Each PLL partner receives monthly Clinical Supervision, focusing on implementation of the system of care with a special emphasis on model adherence. To ensure high quality adherence and model fidelity, PLL clinicians submit fidelity forms prior to each supervision session for review. Also, each PLL clinician submits select video recordings of group and coaching sessions for fidelity scoring.

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PLL scores the sessions using a validated Video Supervision Measure (VSM) that includes both process and content domains. Once scored, the VSM and edited video clips are reviewed with the PLL clinician during monthly supervision sessions to increase model fidelity. View a sample Video Supervision Measure (VSM)

Additionally, the PLL Clinical Staff is available as needed to help answer questions outside monthly clinical supervision sessions.

Site Visits

In addition to monthly clinical supervision the PLL Clinical Supervisor is available to make an annual on-site visit to ensure further quality assurance by conducting live observation of therapists delivering PLL.


Annual Reporting

All partners receive year-end reports highlighting outcome results for use with key stakeholders in the community.

For qualifying partners, PLL provides research analysis that evaluates whether PLL significantly reduced severe emotional and behavioral problems among youth served, and improved overall family functioning as measured by pre/post program assessments (CBCL and FACES IV). Research analysis is conducted by a third-party research organization.

Quasi-Experimental Research

For qualifying partners, a Quasi-experimental research evaluation of the program may be conducted. This study typically focuses on external measures of change such as a reduction in recidivism rates or return to services. Contact us for more details.

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