PLL actively ensures that every partner goes through 3 phases of implementation to ensure optimal delivery of the model.

Phase I - Pre-Implementation

Establishing a good fit between PLL and each partner is the primary goal of the Pre-Implementation phase. The primary tasks accomplished during this phase include:

Readiness Work Group Established

  • Prior to contracting with PLL, work group meetings are conducted to determine if the provider is ready to implement an evidence based practice within their current structure and culture.
  • The work group consists of: PLL, provider, key stakeholders and referral sources

Agreement on PLL’s Laws of Implementation

  • PLL and the Readiness Work Group review and agree to PLL’s Laws of implementation
  • Click here for PLL’s Laws of Implementation
    Law #1 “Goodness of Fit” of minimum standards must occur
    Law #2 Must have staff “Buy-in” and carefully screen new staff for best fit
    Law #3 Must have community collaboration and coordination
    Law #4 Outcome research must be easy to implement and desired
    Law #5 PLL provides dedicated person to oversee the entire start up process
    Law #6 Have clear benchmarks to get out of the Survival Stage of Development
    Law #7 Frontline case workers and providers must have micro-steps and manuals
    Law #8 Video analysis used to dramatically increase treatment fidelity

Phase II - Initial Implementation

PLL and the provider assemble an implementation team that utilizes a custom designed “Implementation Checklist” to address key issues and concerns. This includes:

Implementation Checklist Meetings

Major issues addressed:

  • Implementation timeline
  • Flow of Referrals
  • Contract Specifics reviewed/agreed to
  • Dedicated implementation specialist assigned
  • Use of Technology with PLL

Hiring Process for PLL Clinicians

  • PLL works with providers to find the best fit candidates to deliver the model
  • PLL provides role-play scenarios with candidates during the interview process to select best fit clinicians

On-Site Stakeholder Meetings

  • These meetings bring together the community, provider, funder, decision makers, referral sources, and other stakeholders to create a cohesive implementation action plan

Review of Potential Barriers to Success

  • PLL works with the implementation team to identify potential barriers to a successful startup
  • Barriers could include: relationships with referral sources, billing/reimbursement issues, engaging families, judges/probation officers approving discharge, etc

Phase III - Ongoing Implementation

A support system is developed to enable the provider and community to completely integrate PLL into their culture. Areas covered during this phase include:

Implementation Task Force Established

Comprised of decision makers and key stakeholders that have the ability to identify and resolve barriers as they arise. This group meets regularly for the first year.

Referral Enhancement

PLL works with the provider and stakeholders to ensure the referral process and number of referrals are working according to plan

Quarterly/Annual Reviews

Quarterly and Annual Review Meetings are held by PLL and attended by all stakeholders and provide an in-depth review of program outcomes.

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