PLL Materials

All families enrolled in PLL through our partners receive the following materials that support their progress through the group and family therapy sessions.

All Materials Available in Spanish Language

Dr. Scott Sells’ book Parenting Your Out of Control Teenager (St. Martin’s Press, 2001) provides a broad overview of new tools families can use to restore a healthier family system.

Parenting Your Out of Control Teenage
Educando a su adolescente Fuera-De-Control

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The parent and teen workbooks are used in the group therapy process and contain homework assignments for both parents and youth. The Survival kit study guide is used in the family therapy process to assist the family in implementing new tools.

Parent Workbook
Parent Workbook
Teen Workbook
Survival Kit Study Guide
Survival Kit Study Guide
Teen Workbook

Clinicians trained in the PLL Model receive group and family therapy manuals that provide a step-by-step script for each session. These manuals also include theoretical assumptions underlying the PLL model, session objectives, pre-session preparation steps, and abbreviated scripts for the advanced therapist.

PLL Group Manual
PLL Group Manual #1
PLL Group Manual #2

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