The PLL System of Care

PLL trains treatment providers to be more effective in:

  • Increasing parent involvement in family therapy
  • Improving behavioral health for child behavior issues
  • Decreasing trauma levels
  • Reducing out-of-home placement
  • Decreasing lengths of stay and return to treatment
  • Discharge and treatment decisions based on data rather than guesswork
  • Increasing skill levels of clinicians through videotaped supervision

Below are the training components used to train treatment providers:

The PLL team uses our “Enhanced Hospitality” model of customer service to ease every provider through the steps necessary to bring the PLL System of Care and its proven outcomes to families in your community.

The PLL System of Care

The PLL System of Care contains the model curriculum and essential tools for evidence-based outcome research and implementation to child behavioral therapists.

Click the diagram below to see the PLL System of Care in action.

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