Becoming a PLL Partner

Clarity of Roles

PLL is not the service provider. We are the evidence-based model used to train agencies and therapists to achieve better outcomes with children and their families using PLL group, individual, and family therapy.

Role of the PLL

  • Once service provider(s) MH Agency or Individual Provider selected, we do the following:


  • 5-day on-site training
  • Bi-monthly WebEx supervision
  • Videotape analysis of sessions
  • Web-based dashboard
  • PLL Family Systems Trauma (PLL-FST)
  • PLL Group Therapy (PLL Group)
  • PLL Family Stabilization (PLL-FSS)
  • Specialized parent engagement
  • Implementation staff
  • Twice site reviews

Role of Local Mental Health Provider

  • Reassign or hire new clinicians to be trained in PLL
  • Comply with PLL Implementation Requirements
  • Execute the PLL Model

Role of State or County

  • Pay for PLL Cost and Materials
  • Send appropriate referrals monthly to agencies and/or individual providers using PLL to prevent underutilization

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