FT-FST (Family Systems Trauma)

This application focuses on eliminating problem symptoms in adolescents ages 10 to 18 caused by unhealthy undercurrents (e.g. unresolved grief, abandonment, family secrets, high anxiety, unmet basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter, etc.) that either cause or maintain Unhealed Wounds.

PLL Delivery Systems employing FT-FST:  Reentry, ATP

FT-BM (Family Therapy Behavior Modification)

This application focuses on eliminating problem symptoms in adolescents ages 10-18 caused by unhealthy undercurrents (e.g., inconsistent discipline, unhealthy boundaries, lack of proper parental hierarchy, lack of nurturance, etc.) that either cause or maintain chronic Misuse of Power in the family system.

PLL Delivery Systems employing FT-BM: Reentry, ATP, Prevention

MI (Motivational Interview)

This application serves as a “soft startup” to increase family engagement by accelerating joining and rapport building and lowering resistance to treatment. The Motivational Interview involves two levels: level one is a Motivational Phone Call to begin the “soft startup” process of increasing family engagement, and level two is a face-to-face meeting to further accelerate joining and rapport building with the goal of engaging the family to come to the first treatment session.

PLL Delivery Systems employing MI: Reentry, ATP, Prevention

CBAT (Wraparound)

This application is based on the philosophy of “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child”. The CBAT process brings together community leaders to identify and work a plan for each youth in the PLL program who will be returning to their community after being placed in a residential program away from home. The CBAT plan includes specific action steps to meet the needs of the youth as well as provide protective factors to both help the youth reintegrate back into his community and prevent recidivism (re-placement in a residential program).

PLL Delivery Systems employing CBAT: Reentry, ATP (optional)

GT (Group Therapy)

This application utilizes a teaching psycho-educational format that brings clusters of families together to learn new skills to eliminate problem symptoms in adolescents ages 10 to 18. The group process is also designed to move families into Contemplation around the cause of the adolescent’s problem symptoms and prepare the family for the FT-BM and FT-FST applications to occur.

PLL Delivery Systems employing GT: Reentry, ATP, Prevention

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