Monthly and Video Supervision

Clinicians can feel alone and frustrated when therapy is conducted behind closed doors without any direct supervision, observation or accountability.  Our PLL clinical team works closely with provider staff to achieve fidelity to our nationally recognized success.  PLL uses monthly video analysis to actually see treatment in action and support provider staff in the treatment process.  A video analysis of sessions is used to provide stronger measures of fidelity adherence which demonstrates effectiveness of the model.  PLL Clinical Supervisors use the Video Supervision Measure (VSM) to assess both content and process of the delivery of the PLL model for individual and group sessions.

I enjoy my time with my supervisor due to his great clinical knowledge and passion for PLL

Lainee Hilts-Forcade – Saginaw, Michigan

Reviewing the videos from the sessions during supervision helps with very specific feedback. I feel more confident about my delivery of the material the next time I’m with the family.

Gloria Monasmigh – Central Florida

I got helpful information on the use of our Video Supervision Measure (VSM) review.

Brianna Pemberton – Jacksonville, FL

You have been an important access for me in my clinical development, as you have serve as the indispensable guide in the understanding process of this model! I can always count on your ability and often use of quick references to improve and sharpen my skills. Supervision has been a learning, helpful, and memorable experience. In reference to the video tape, there is nothing better than to start with the man in the mirror to make change!

Heidy De La Cruz – Westchester, NY

Sample of PLL Video Supervision

Video Supervision Measure (VSM)

PLL uses the Video Supervision Measure (VSM) to assess both content and process of the delivery of the PLL model. The PLL supervisor reviews video recordings of both group and coaching sessions. Recordings are rated using the VSM and the resulting scores are used to track each clinician’s fidelity level.

Video Supervision Measure (VSM) – (Therapist Model Adherence Measure)

Varies depending on Group or Family Therapy (Coaching) session

How Often:

Videos are submitted for both Groups and Family Therapy (Coaching) sessions twice per month until Advanced Model Adherence is achieved.

Process for submitting videos for VSM analysis:

For Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced model adherence levels, the clinician records a Motivational Interview, all six PLL Groups, and all four core coaching phases for review.

Procedure for Scoring:

Each key theoretical construct is rated in areas of content and/or process. Content domains are rated with either a “Yes” or “No”. Process domains are rated on a Likert scale from 1 (Extremely Poor) to 5 (Extremely Well). Model protocol adherence is assessed based on overall scoring of the VSM.

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