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PLL Basics

Communities exploring evidence-based programs often ask about the length of treatment, the caseload size and who can be on the clinical team.

The PLL model combines parent and youth skills training with family therapy for prevention and reunification as well as intervention and reunification adolescents.

Length of service is between four and six months

Maximum caseload is 12 per Master’s level therapist

Optional Case Manager position per team

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Annual Licensed Program

Components of the PLL Model include:

  • Onsite training
  • 24/7 direct support
  • Video analysis and support
  • Provider access to real-time data dashboard
  • Champions of therapist and family success
  • Independent statistical analysis and outcomes reports

Experience PLL with Ease

We know implementing an evidence-based family treatment model can be challenging. Whether your agency has one team or a dozen teams, PLL brings a sense of comfort to administrators, therapists and agency supervisors. From day one, we:

  • Avoid surprises by guiding you through a step-by-step implementation plan
  • Help providers identify the therapists who will be most effective using the model
  • Collaborate with you to customize the model to your community
  • Prepare for sustained success by involving community stakeholders

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What Our Customers Say

The PLL system is incredibly clear, well thought out, based on data, and action oriented.
– Tiffany Mock

I cannot express enough how life changing PLL has been to our lives. We’ve been able to bring love and nurturance back into our home.
– Nancy Bishop

It has been remarkable to see how effectively the program (PLL) has worked at defusing family tensions, addressing juvenile substance abuse issues, anger and other problems which have acted as impediments to healthy relationships.
– Judge R. Michael McKenney